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What started as hate toward this book called, “Fifty Shades of Grey”, became something I couldn’t even possibly imagine. I was a crime, drama, mystery kind of gal. Romance was not a part of my repertoire. Then the talk of this book grew loud and I had to see what this fuss was all about. Read the first 50 pages and my distaste for it spoke volumes. Fast forward a month and with the pressure to “give it another shot” turn me into a Grey obsessed woman. Having read each book in this series between 4-5 times each. I figured there has to be more books like this. Holy hell was I right! Fifty Shades opened my world to so many different books and authors I will forever to indebted to E.L. James. This blog is highlighting my loves for the books that drive us mad, make us all hot and bothered and have us falling in love all over again..



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