Review Policy

As much as I would love to review every book out there, unfortunately it’s not possible. When I do review books out there these are my guidelines for my reviews so please keep this in mind:

1) All reviews with a rating of 3 stars or higher will be posted on the website.

2) Any book that is rated a DNF (did not finish) or below a 3 star will not appear on this site. You can find those reviews on my Goodreads profile. I’m not in this to bash authors. But there will come a time I won’t like every book out there. When that happens a straight, critical review will be posted on my Goodreads profile explaining why I didn’t connect with the book.

3) An email will be sent prior to the author, publisher or if it is part of a blog tour, then the blog tour host will be notified explaining my disconnect with the book.

4) In order for me to consider your book for review please contact me via the “Contact Me” link on the site’s menu bar.


Thank you for reading and understanding the above.


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